10 Of The Best Communication Apps For Small Businesses

Small businesses seem to face more challenges than anyone else out there in the market. It makes perfect sense if you consider the lack of a strong and constant base for the business and the fact that in most cases, a company that is starting out, is still trying to figure many things out and learning as they go. With that being said, small companies need to be smart about how they do things since the cost of their mistakes usually end up hurting more than when it happens to a larger company with many resources available as back up. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are always looking for ways to stay ahead and to reduce their operational costs with tools that are easily adapted to their particular need or specifically designed to maximize effectiveness in a business model that by definition, will always have very specific needs due to the size of their operation. Today, here at Don Burn’s Blog, we want to turn our focus onto some of the best apps out there readily available for those in charge on smaller operations who do not want to sacrifice effectiveness because of possible budget constraints. These are some of the best apps to stay in touch and to handle communication requirements in small companies.

Image courtesy of Kirill Kniazev at Flickr.com


Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration app that allows for easy communication within company members. One of the greatest things about Slack is that is absolutely free for unlimited time and unlimited number of users. The options for paying members are very affordable and include many features like easy searches within messages, the ability to host and be part of group video chats and up to 20GB of storage per user.


Very similar to Slack but with a less steep learning curve. Hipchat is actually cheaper and it has most of the best features like drag-and-drop file sharing and conversation archiving for easy searching. You can organize conversation by rooms, teams and individually message members of your work group. Video chat and screen sharing features start as low as just $2 dollars a month.

Image courtesy of Outsider.ne.kr at Flickr.com


Skype if known and loved by everyone who has ever wanted to make free video calls and host group chats online. There are, however, other versions of the app that are specially made for business with very affordable fees that allow you to host meetings with up to 250 people, share files, integrate with popular suites like Microsoft Office and more.


Addappt is a great application that allows for your contacts to actually edit their own entries within your virtual Rolodex and keep you updated with any changes in number, address, information and even pictures so you will always be informed when something changes. The app allows you to maintain all information up to date on your personal and business contacts, as well as gives you the ability to edit your own information on theirs.


No need to worry about everyone not having the same operative system or even similar devices, as Fuze allows you to hold video conferences across all platforms and type of communication device out there. Fuze offers high definition audio and video and also offers special pricing for small businesses.


Pushover is a great way for small businesses to stay connected, as the app allows you to send or receive thousands of push notifications each month to all users connected. The app doesn’t charge any monthly fees and it only requires a one-time purchase of a license and it can always be used from there on. Their API makes it very easy to integrate the app with your web app or network monitor and all you need is minimal technical knowledge to do it yourself.


Finally, an app that doesn’t just make it very easy to host your own video conferences from your phone, but also allows for finely tuned controls to further enhance your experience by tweaking your video and audio in order to better control your transmission. It lets you schedule meetings, share your screen and stream audio and video of very good quality. Plans are affordable and they offer many different options.

Citrix Sharefile

Much more than just another service to share files and store your content, Citrix Sharefile allows you to do your sharing from your mobile devices and it gives options that allow your IT personnel to remotely wipe devices that may have been compromised.

Survey Monkey

A great survey tool that allows you to make your own and participate on surveys from your mobile device. We all know the importance of analytics and how difficult it could be to gather feedback effectively. Survey Monkey is a great tool that has removed most of the guesswork from the equation and allows you to focus on what matters.


A great tool that allows your team to continue being effective on handling customer service even when they are away from their desks as it gives them the option to answer calls and access customer information from their mobile device.


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