Video calls: the solution for communication in your start up

Starting a new business is never easy. It requires commitment, dedication and a lot of effort. Several of the problems that appear in these first moments are caused by the lack of coordination with the rest of the team, that’s because a company is like a gear in which if one fails, the others will be affected. Usually, this happens because of bad communication between the members, either because they didn’t have the instructions clear, or maybe not all were present for certain specifications, or lack of time to clarify doubts about the procedures, etc.

That’s why communication in a company becomes indispensable and essential, especially for startups that are just beginning to work. In these cases, it’s also more difficult to get a space where everyone can meet because it’s more likely that each member has other things to do. However, there is the advantage that in a small business, they are usually fewer people. Another point that favors today is the internet. Thanks to the advancement of technologies, it’s now easier to communicate using a video call and not get entangled with schedules and appointments so that everyone can meet in one place.

For these types of communications, it’s important to take certain aspects into account. First, you have to be careful of the space to choose to start the video call. There shouldn’t be much movement in the background or flashy colors and loud noises that distract the other person. In the case of having headphones with microphones, it’s better to use them so it isolates the external sound and will also allow you to hear better.

You must also check the light of the place. The cameras of mobile phones and computers are very sensitive and if there is poor lighting or you are in backlight the image will look dark. Finally, always check the Wi-Fi connection and mobile data, otherwise, without this, the call will become a constant verification of image and sound among the participants.

Video calls are one of the tools that have become very useful for startups and over time have been improving in quality and have even been customized for the specific needs of a company.

Here, some of them:


Skype has evolved a lot since its first appearance several years ago. It’s the most popular and traditional application for video calls, even though its users complain about having connection problems. However, over time the producers have been working on this and adding new tools to have a better experience. In this case, Skype introduces Skype Meetings, specialized for business.

This tool has the possibility of sharing a screen, which means that other people can see what you do on your computer or cell phone. In addition, you can record conferences, have instant messaging and share powerpoint slides. Skype Meetings comes with a laser function to be able to relate what the person says with what shows or to highlight something specific.

Another interesting update is that you can silence the participants to allow a single speaker to direct the video call. Thanks to this, the presenter will have no sound elements to be distracted.

However, one disadvantage of this application is that it only allows up to 3 people at the same time in the free version, but for small businesses, it’s a good way to start without spending more money.

Image courtesy of O S at


This is an application that since its foundation in 2000 has been getting more and more welcomed. With ReadyTalk you can use the interactive real-time polling feature if the group wants to make decisions at the moment and it’s synchronized with Google Calendar, Lync, Outlook, Marketo Salesforce, and more. This aims to provide several tools according to the specific needs of each company.

However, what characterizes ReadyTalk and what can make the difference when choosing which application to use, is that this tool offers customer support at the same time to give technical assistance. ReadyTalk has different costs according to what the company needs. For ten participants, the fee is $ 24, for 25 people it raises to $ 34 and by the time the company starts to grow, it is possible to have 100 members for $ 59.

Image courtesy of Paul Swansen at

Open Voice

If the small business starts to stop being “small” this is the perfect application to make video calls with everyone. OpenVoice allows up to 2000 participants and has different tools useful for any type of organization. It’s integrated with Outlook to make faster the scheduling of different events that are organized in the meeting, you can also record the video calls and only need to tap the phone to access to the conversation. In addition, in the case of not being ready to enter, OpenVoice offers you the possibility of sending an email to the other participants to inform them of the delay.

Unlike other applications, OpenVoice charges per minute, this can be an advantage or disadvantage according to what the company needs. The cost is $ .08 per minute.


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