Some Of The Best Communication Apps For Entrepreneurs

Being a small business owner means having to adapt and adjust to fulfilling many roles. You have to solve problems, you have to be on the move, you must stay in touch with many people around but at the same time be aware of financial information concerning your business and the world in which said business exists. The truth of the matter is, this is a difficult burden to carry alone and that is why technology continues to be one of the best allies for entrepreneurs out there who are becoming more flexible, more intelligent and more prepared every day to meet the demands of this fast-moving world.

In today’s article here at Donald Burns Blog, we want to shift focus from the business to the person behind the curtain running the show. These are some of the best apps for entrepreneurs to stay organized, to keep an eye on many aspects of their organization and to communicate with their team effectively no matter what is going on through their day.

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Gusto is the new name of ZenPayRoll, a great app you can use to manage your entire company’s payroll and taxes. The app is easy to set up and makes adding new hires to the system a breeze. Gusto handles local and federal tax filings and even emails digital pay stubs to employees.


This app is perfect for small business owners and entrepreneurs to manage and track their invoices and a lot more. With Freshbooks, you can automatically send your client recurring invoices and take credit card payments over your mobile phone. FreshBooks also allows you to create customizable reports to keep track of your expenses and profits.


Wave is another financial app that was specifically created for small businesses with few employees. Wave is a suite that includes many of the features we talked about before, but all in one place. With the app, you can track transactions and expenses, administer invoices and client payments, pay employees, scan receipts and produce accounting reports.


A very unique app that allows those personal and business contacts who also use Addappt to update their contact information right from their device straight into yours. The app also allows you to organize your contacts into different groups, send messages through the app and its free for Android and iOS devices.


Fuze is a great app that allows you to video conference in a cross platform client. Pricing can be custom built for your company’s specific needs and the compatibility of the app can ensure you not to have any type of compatibility issues when it comes to setting up meetings with people who use different operative systems or verse hardware.


Pushover is great for business people who use multiple devices in their everyday life. The app sends push notifications from all types of different software you may use form messaging to news, straight to your desktop or device of choice. Pushover is a great way to not miss a beat while keeping everything organized and with a platform that you can easily understand and avoid clutter.


Slack is a great messaging app that can be very helpful for setting internal communication within your company with all departments and employees strategically sorted into rooms and categories. Sharing images, files, and PDFs is very easy and the search feature is great for finding anything very quickly.


Skype if the undisputed champion of video chatting with great features that make it the choice for millions of people all over the world. Sharing a screen and sending files are as easy as it can be, something that has definitely helped the app’s popularity. The basic service is free, but business plans start as low as $5 a month per user.

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Clear is an excellent and intuitive app for task-management. What makes it so great is the gesture-based features that make it easy to simply swipe away items that are completed and dragging tasks you want to organize differently. Clear and easily sync with your desktop devices and other smartphones.


RescueTime tracks the time you spend using certain apps or working in specific websites to help you evaluate your productivity and they way you are using your time. It works on all different platforms and devices and it allows you to even print accurate reports to analyze your activity in detail.


TripIt is great for those who travel a great deal to organize all of their itineraries in one single place. You simply forward your confirmation emails to TripIt and let the app do the rest by gathering everything into a master itinerary.


A great app for organizing all of your mailing lists and create and send newsletters. MailChimp can provide performance reports and also manage multiple email addresses. Pricing depends on number of subscribers you may have.  

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