12 Easy Ways To Boost Your Wi-Fi Connection

Having a slow Internet speed can be one of the most frustrating experiences you can go through at home when it comes to navigating the web. You spend most of your time working, so when you come home you may want to relax, surf the web, and watch some videos or perhaps a movie in Netflix but your connection doesn’t want to cooperate. Sadly, you are not the only one with that plan on mind, so you may be fighting your neighbors for bandwidth as you are all trying to get online at the same time. To add insult to injury, you pay your ISP a higher fee for a faster connection, but none of that matters if your Wi-Fi network is not optimized to give you the best performance. Today, here at Donald Burns’ Blog, we want to give you some quick tips to speed up your Wi-Fi connection with minimal effort.

Image courtesy of Senado Federal at Flickr.com

Find the best spot in your home to place the router

This is probably the most common issue related to slow Wi-Fi connections. Your router should be placed in the center of the home and also as high as possible. Physics play an important role in the way your signal travels and the strength it has to go through walls or obstacles. Being in the middle of the home ensures the signal is somewhat equidistant from all corners of the home and has to go through fewer walls to get to your devices.

Position the antennas properly

Routers sometimes have external antennas that you can move and reposition. If your router has those, try to place them perpendicular to one another; this means one sticking straight up while the other is parallel to the floor. This positioning of the antenna ensures better coverage of the signal. If you only have one antenna o you have a router with internal antenna, try placing the whole box vertically to see if that gives you better signal.

Use a powerline network adapter

Powerline adapters use your home’s electrical wiring to transmit signal to a receiver that allows you to plug your devices using an Ethernet cable and thus get a better signal. This is an easy solution that works great for those rooms that get a really weak Wi-Fi signal.

Watch for possible interference

Other electronic devices can seriously affect the performance of your router and cause interference with your signal. Make sure your router is placed away from other electronics, especially those that transmit wireless signals like cordless phones, baby monitors, and Bluetooth speakers.

Make a homemade booster

You can grab an empty beer can and cut the top and the bottom off. Then you can cut it lengthwise to make sure it can be opened and place it behind the antenna of your router. The dish-like device can seriously boost your signal.

Protect your signal from intruders

If you don’t have a password set up, or if you have a weak one, intruders can access your Wi-Fi network and slow it down to a crawl if they are downloading a lot of data. Sometimes the fix you need is to simply boot those unwanted invaders from your network and voila! Problem fixed.

Get the latest technology

Wireless routers also become outdated, so you should make sure that your current device is working with the latest technology and that is compatible with the network cards of your computers or other devices. There are other devices out there that can also help your current router boost its signal.

Image courtesy of Scott Beale at Flickr.com

Switch channels

You may be using a channel that is being used by other networks around you. Sometimes people do not adjust their settings and use their router as it comes out of the box. This can create serious traffic in certain channels between you and your neighbors. To fix this, simply go into the router’s setting and try different channels to see which one gives you the best signal.

Reset your router regularly

Like any other device, your router sometimes need to restart and to power cycle. You can do this manually or you can actually set the router to do it automatically. This last option works great and you can chose a time very late at night or early morning when everyone is sleeping and you do not care for the network to reset.

Switch to 5GHz

Other devices like cordless phones and such can sometimes crowd the default 2.4 GHz frequency, in which most routers operate. Switching to the more powerful 5 GHz can sometimes fix your speed problems and also use the full potential of your router.

Install a couple of repeaters

If you have a particularly large house or many walls between your router and the rooms where you mostly use your devices, you may have to acquire a couple of repeaters to ensure your signal strength it consistent everywhere.

The problem may be your computer

Sometimes the issue is excess clutter in your computer. What it may seem like a slow internet connection may simply be a slow processor or a personal computer that is full of junk and lacks performance.


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