9 Of The Best Apps Your Startup Should Be Using

Startups are known for their agility, streamlined processes and quick reaction time to changes. These characteristics are what make them so interesting to us, but at the same time, we know that when it comes to startups, we cannot handle business the way large companies have been doing it. A startup needs all the help it can get, and using the latest technology to support their mission and to make communication amongst members of the team easier, are just some of the advantages of integrating these solutions into the mix. Here we have today in Donald Burns Blog, nine of the best apps that you should be using in your startup in order to be able to keep up with the grueling pace at which business operates at the startup level.


Image courtesy of Squarespace at Flickr.com

Squarespace is more than an app; it is a platform for designing professionally looking websites in a simple way. Purchasing a domain is easy and fast, and the safety features offered complementarily with the service can assure you that you will be offering your customers a secure connection to your website. Perhaps one of the greatest things of Squarespace is how easy you can upload content to your domain with the use of the app without having to need a computer or an expert doing it for you.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a great tool that allows you access to a Reddit style community in which members can up vote new products and tech-tools that can be very useful to startups. You can customize your preferences and always be up-to-date on the latest trends that can be relevant to your particular company from your cell phone or from your computer as well. This app is a great way to organize and sieve through all the new information coming out everything and just focusing on what is relevant to you.


Evernote is one of the most popular and supported multi-device collaboration apps available right now. Through Evernote, you and your team are able to share notes, documents, photos and all types of boards. Users can create different types of documents with seamless compatibility among desktops and mobile solutions and have everyone in the team edit all the material within. The app has many other features that you can use to help you track productivity and to enhance your overall effectiveness.


There is an aspect of having a small business that often gets overlooked, and that is the cumbersome task for dealing with physical paperwork. The app allows you to easily transition into paperless tracking methods and adds functionalities that make it easier for you to prepare your taxes, track expenses, digitize receipts and business cards and have everything in one place with easy and efficient search functions.


Expense Bot is an easy to use app that allows you to track your expenses by simply taking a picture of the receipts. The app will then automatically categorize by date or type of expense and add up totals. One of the best features is that it allows you to track expenses of the whole team and approve them right from your phone anywhere you may be.


Nuzzle is a great app that works as a tool to gather and compile interesting articles and stories from your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Nuzzle excels at finding what is relevant to you and your business and makes sure that information is easily available for you as you are on the move, saving you all the time it takes to look through the clutter and choose what is interesting and what is not.


Slack is an amazing messaging app that saves you and your team from having to communicate short messages through email threads. The platform allows you to create different private chat rooms to share sensitive information or to organize your work teams depending on their respective department. Syncing across devices works great as well, so you can always get your notifications on whichever screen you are looking at.

Image courtesy of #K at Flickr.com


Trello is an amazing solution to checklists, assignment, and overall productivity. The workflows in Trello allow for great visibility of all tasks, allowing you to track progress in a visual and easy way. Trello integrates greatly with many other apps and it is considered one of the most popular and effective productivity apps no matter the size of your team.


A great app for photo-filtering that is becoming more and more popular everyday. VSCO Cam has some of the most professional looking out there that expand away from the overused Instagram filters allowing you to control your images even more and getting that look you are looking for right away. VSCO Cam is a great tool for product photography on the go, with all the power of great photography right on the palm of your hand.


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