How to use When I Work to better communicate with your team

This service makes it easier for employers to manage and notify the work shifts that have been assigned to each of their employees. When I Work is an online tool that will make it easier to program work shifts for each of the employees, setting up a calendar with their schedules and the places in which they should perform their tasks, if the company has several separate offices, and it is also possible to differentiate the established schedules with different colors.

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This way, employees can receive in their mailboxes the notifications of the work shifts that they should perform, as well as have access to an online querying of their shifts, through the web and through their cell phones as well. They can also request not to work in a concrete time frame, and these petitions should be approved by employers, and reassign the shifts to the rest of the staff.

When I Work has several  paid plans, with 30 days of trial for each of them, and there is also a free version for companies with less than five employees.

The website offers the option of downloading an iOS and an Android app, and, of course, there is a web-based version that employers can use to communicate with their teams.

This app is useful for you to replace any spreadsheet you may have lying around in order to schedule the tasks of your team’s members. Maybe your spreadsheet is neat and organized, so you can clearly see the entire week, which is quite wonderful, but it’s not the ideal way of doing things.

Let’s suppose that somebody needs to change their shift. So you will start a back and forth process of email exchanges, text messages, and the unavoidable question that will keep you from sleeping at night: “Did I remember to change that in the spreadsheet?”

When you are in charge of a team, you don’t want to waste your time and energy in issues like that one. And you definitely don’t want to have to send individual reminders ahead of time.

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When I Work gives you a site to manage the calendar of your team. It also keeps you up-to-date with relevant conversations, you can approve vacation requests and shift changes, and it keeps you away from the rest.

Just think about it. Next Thursday night, you won’t have to interrupt your dinner plans to try and check a spreadsheet from your phone and sending a text message to a forgetful employee that may not remember if he or she should wake up early the next day.

Employees send a text message asking if they have to work on Friday and When I Work replies instantly by sending another text message. It could not be easier.

The pricing depends on the size of your team. There are ranges that will accommodate to companies or startups of different sizes.

The service is especially recommended for managers, since it records the schedules of all the employees in a single screen, allowing the leaders to see who is available and when, resolve scheduling conflicts, approving days off, which can be an excellent Human Resources tool. Employees can use it to see their schedules or to find another workmate that will cover their shift if needed.

The system allows you to program meetings and communicate with your employees directly from your Android or iOS device or using the desktop version for PC. You can see in real-time the schedule in which a person is going to work at or if they’re available at any specific time during the week. You can also use the tool to arrange the schedules of the department or of the entire organization.

The website claims that it has over 15000 customers from all over the world. Companies such as Uber, Harvard, Walgreens, SoundCloud, Virgin, Ticketmaster, the Columbus Zoo and several others use the service to have a permanent communication among the members of their teams.

Their website also offers instructions about how to start a 30 day trial, tutorials that will take you step-by-step through the process of employee scheduling, a description of the time clock feature, testimonials categorized by the industries that they serve, a section dedicated to their mobile apps, pricing information, and a complete section of help and support in case you have questions or need to resolve doubts about the usage of the application.

And in case you’re a developer, they also offer an API for you to develop applications that connect to this service. They offer a PHP wrapper in their official website and a complete documentation to get started in the development of apps which use the service.

Their official blog features articles about managing people. And, now that we’re talking about jobs, if you’re interested in working with them, they also have a section that features job postings in different areas.

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