Using A Social Intranet Software to Your Company's Advantage

Using A Social Intranet Software to Your Company’s Advantage

Using A Social Intranet Software to Your Company's Advantage
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Internal communication is one of the most important elements that will dictate the success of your company, and some may even argue it is by far an essential strategy that must be taken care of from the first day your company opens its doors. Many have struggled trying to find just the strategy, platform or tool to integrate all of the organization’s community and ensure an effective and efficient internal communication. Usually, this will be handed off to an IT department who chooses the technological tool behind the communication strategy, without really coping or understanding a long-term communication strategy, if it exists at all. When companies feel that communication is failing they’ll usually have clear symptoms like not being able to stay up to date with the different teams and managers, documents, emails, or any other important information may be getting lost in transition or buried in tons of ineffective communication, the lack of clear policy for communication when new employees enter a company, and finally having too many unnecessary procedures or paperwork. If you are a startup, you can avoid this from day one. Although there are many different technological tools that will allow your company to evolve out there, which you can actually read more about on the Donald Burns WordPress Blog, another great alternative is creating a central network that all employees can have access to and find this basic and essential information that can generate an informed and integrated team. Social intranet software is a great option for any business and will also save money, create effective communication policies and allow companies to offer clients an excellent service. There are many reasons why a social intranet software will support your organization, but especially in today’s world where everyone owns a smartphone and is connected 24/7. This flexible work environment can generate a lot of advantages, but can also create huge issues in communication gaps, but this is where an intranet will ensure that employees are always on the same track and are aware of the same updated information. Here are some platforms that your organization may consider using to take advantage of a social intranet setup to improve effective communication in the short term.

Using A Social Intranet Software to Your Company's Advantage
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eXo Platform

This platform with its social network offers a portal that companies can use to have a unified calendar, cloud, FAQs, document management, forum, wiki and other tools that all of the community can access from the mobile device. eXo Platform offers all of this in one single platform and makes companies lives easier by offering an out-of-the-box solution. It increases collaboration and communication by simply allowing all of the community to be interconnected in synchronous and asynchronous communication.  

Igloo Software

With today’s flexible and mobile world, Igloo Software offers an intranet that caters to the modern world and through its platform. As they mention on their website, this is considered a solution that people like. It’s easy to use and promotes innovation, enables a truly transparent and integral corporate culture.  Ultimately, the main goal is to increase productivity.


If you’re looking for a solution for your company that is easy to implement, this may be the one for you. Through a technology they call TEAMS, they ensure that only the right people get the right information. Most companies that use it say they notice a huge difference and that the engagement of their employees raises substantially. Jostle could be just what you need.

Stream Workplace

This social intranet network focuses most of its energy on creating workspaces with a very clear visual dashboard that shows the most important information. Your employees can tag projects and tasks to easily track them, share and collaborate and create connection groups, intranet pages, and independent workspaces.

Twine Intranet

This simple, sleek and clean cut portal that connects employees when they need it the most. Twine offers alternatives that are easy to use like polls, surveys, forums, workgroups and other spaces to share information like a library, blogs, and news board. You can also easily integrate Twine with Google Drive and Office 365. Finally, your company can also customize the platform to give it a corporate look and feel.


Unison has a unique way of allowing teams to know exactly what their co-workers are working on and how. It will let you see who’s reading the same document you are, and what part of the document they are reading, or who has already read an article or post. It actually brilliantly breaks down very robust topics which can compare to seeing what your co-worker is doing at their desk. It connects teams that work across the country and in different time zones to communicate in real time and effectively interact with each other.


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