What Startups Should Consider When Going Mobile

Many startups nowadays find the need to  be part of this globalized technological world by means of a mobile app. The easier you make it for clients to access your company, service or acquire your product, the easier and most likely it will be to get more clients. Today’s constantly connected world requires services that can allow them to stay connected and easily go about their transactions and everyday purchase of products and services in a seamless way. Although of course a top priority of startups will be to choose the right tools for their company, like tools for internal communication, which you can read more about on the Donald Burns WordPress page, it’s no surprise that a startup will want to create their very own mobile app to become part of this competitive market. As a startup, of course, you’ll want to do it right from the beginning. So here are some tips to get off on the right foot.

Know what your business is

Make sure you get all of your business ideas, structure and setup before you even think of creating an app. Take your company and turn it into something tangible via a canvas, that is a template where the entrepreneurs can interpret their product or service and figure out exactly how to make money off of it. Improper planning can be the end of the innovative and great ideas before they even start.

Start off on the right foot

From the beginning you know you’ll be tempted as a startup to look for an affordable, and let’s be an honest inexpensive provider, but start off on the right foot. Get people who know what they’re doing from the beginning and let them give you the advice to avoid making rookie mistakes. Of course, this will not guarantee smooth sailing all the way through, but it will at least help you avoid making some of the biggest and most obvious mistakes.

Getting it done ASAP

Leaving a project on standby could be the end of it, so try to schedule to get things done sooner rather than later. In the world of technology everything is changing a hundred miles per hour, reason why we should stay on top of changes, new versions, new APIs, hardware updates, capacities, screen resolutions and other features that can change how your mobile app will work. So, go for trying to build a viable mobile app, in the shortest amount of time, get feedback and from there start growing.  

Be available

During the process, both the internal and external team will need to pick your brain as they go through the designing stages. They will need t make sure they are designing what you had imagined. This is why the entrepreneur behind the idea, should be available and should be following the progress very closely. By keeping an open channel of communication you will definitely reap the benefits because you’ll be ensuring every step of the way that what is being designed is what you really want.

Timeline_donald burns_startups designing mobile apps_tools for communication in startups
Image courtesy of Luigi Mengato at Flickr.com

Now, once you’ve gotten the project off the ground, don’t forget that testing is key, it will allow you to identify bugs and inconveniences before the end user does. Focusing on user experience, and tying that together with their motivations behind using your app in the first place will help you create a truly unique and ideal experience for your end user. You must also consider the usability of the app while the user is online, on Wi-Fi or is not connected. The easy to use factor should be done to the point that a very non-tech-savvy person could use it and navigate through it with ease. By understanding the user and their devices you can also tailor-make their experience. Also, don’t forget to consider the possibility of the app working across platforms and devices, so your user can easily shift back and forth between their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. In terms of look and feel, on one hand people want something new and innovative, but at the same time they want something that reminds them of the real life way of doing things. A simple example is a to-do list app that looks like a notebook. Lastly, don’t just around among various apps and uses for them, focus on one thing and go for it. Make sure you dedicate your time to making your app the best at what it does.

Along the way, some companies have built their apps, but unfortunately, make mistakes along the way that cost them their business. So, in order to avoid this, consider these short final tips and don’t make the same mistakes they did.

  • Always build apps to accommodate themselves to the platform they are running on
  • The backend of your app will need to constantly be changing, updating or even changing completely. Be ready for the changes.
  • Don’t try building the app yourself, the time you waste figuring things out, is time that could’ve been well spent figuring out how to make your business grow.
  • Considering the previous tip, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to do any work.

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