Everything You Need to Know About Grasshopper

Grasshopper is one of today’s leaders in the world for VoIP alternatives. The virtual phone business is on the rise and has rather quickly become the best alternative for businesses looking to have better communication with their clients. Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is basically when through a network like the internet you are able to bundle services like voice communication, along with a whole array of features to facilitate communication for your company, while making it look professional.

Grasshopper has tons of features that really makes it stand out from the rest, even though it’s by far not the only service out there. You can read more about some other VoIP solutions you can try on the Donald Burns WordPress blog. Now, even though Grasshopper falls into the VoIP market and category it’s not quite a full out VoIP service. Some would describe Grasshopper as an automated answering machine that redirects call, whereas other VoIP providers will offer a full suite of phone services. The main difference to keep in mind is that VoIP turns your audio call into a digital one and transmits it over the internet. Grasshopper on the other hand cannot make calls using VoIP, despite being managed online. You can set it up and manage it completely online, although there is no hardware that you have to purchase or install, unlike other VoIP services. It works with your current phone provider and will only have effect on your incoming call. It’s basically an extra feature you can add on to your current phone service. One big difference, is that the quality is consistently as good as your traditional phone service, unlike VoIP which will rely greatly on the internet connection, software and the devices or equipment you are using.

Let’s begin by seeing what Grasshopper has to offer, and then compare with a few other providers who are at the top of the market. First of all, once you acquire the service you’ll need to select a number, be it one you already have or a new toll free number. You can record a customized greeting message and create extensions for different departments that calls can be redirected to. Add to this that any of those extensions can receive calls, voicemails and faxes, independent of where they are located, as long as they have their phone service’s signal.

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Image courtesy of Salim Fadhley at Flickr.com

Besides this it has some other interesting features like Grasshopper calling ID, that will show your client your toll free number, instead of your mobile number. The end user will never know you are calling for your mobile device. You can also have a caller ID, so you know who’s calling and what you want to do with that call such as: accept it, send it to voicemail or listen to the caller ID if you’re busy and can’t see your screen. You could easily redirect your voicemails and faxes to your email to get everything in one place, which means you’ll also be able to read, yes read, your voicemails. As for the greeting message, you could either record your own, or get a pro to do it using Grasshopper’s Voice Studio. And finally, it has a text messaging service that can be used internally to promote constant communication or externally to offer customer support to your customers. With all of these features, it’s not secret why it’s one of the best in the market.

Comparing it with other VoIP providers


RingCentral is a clear example of a VoIP service that offers all of the phone services via IP. With this system you need to plug in an IP phone desk, mobile devices with the mobile app and have computers that are all connected to the internet. All of these devices communicate with RingCentral and offer easy to use voice calls, fax, text, online meetings, audio conferencing and many other features for all offices and sites. This is the perfect provider if you are interested in traditional business phones with handsets, but it does have a downside: the cost. It is substantially more expensive than Grasshopper and other providers. Other than this both services will offer almost the same features and are easy to use on their online platforms, but Grasshopper will not offer integrations, since it could be considered an integration itself.

Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX is yet another service that offers virtual phone services. It has been around for more than 15 years. It offers all of the traditional VoIP features and helps those small companies that need to have a professional telephone service, but do not want the hastle of buying expensive hardware, warehousing it and keeping track of software and devices. Grasshopper may have a slight advantage because of its recognized customer support, where it can help you have almost immediate responses.

At the end Grasshopper is perfect for entrepreneurs and small companies that want to take that step towards having a professional setup to attract more clients.


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