How to Set Up Your Android with A Faster Wi-Fi Connection?

Many of you have had the feeling that your Wi-Fi is not navigating at the speed it should be, despite it appearing to be at full strength. Another clear sign is that the use of Wi-Fi seems to be taking toll on your battery sooner than usual. Now, this could be due to your physical location, thick-walled buildings or simple bad Wi-Fi signal. If you want to be on the safe side, you could determine if it comes down to your Wi-Fi signal, range or other external issues, or if it’s your phone that’s presenting the connectivity issues.  Although in other posts the topic has been about why your Wi-Fi connection is so slow, which you can read more about on the Donald Burns WordPress Blog, this one will be quite specific in dealing with android devices and its connectivity issues.

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The first step is to ensure that your settings are at optimal level is to adjust the Wi-Fi frequency band. Most android devices can run on the 5GHz frequency band, even though they may be originally programmed to 2.4 GHz band. This basically means that the original 14 –channel connection offered on 2.4 GHz, is now upped to 23 channels of 20 MHz on the 5 GHz. In this way, you are more likely to get a better signal on Wi-Fi because the channels don’t overlap.  To make the change make sure your router works on 5GHz band, which most do today. You can take care of adjusting this setting by going to Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Qi-Fi frequency band and then click on Auto. By having this setup, your device will automatically connect with the best possible signal automatically.

Next, you’ll want to track your Wi-Fi signal in the most accurate way, not solely depending on your bar signal, which is not always on point. To ensure that it is accurate as possible you can download a variety of apps, but one you could try is Network Signal Speed Booster. It not only indicates where the best signal is located at any given moment, but also boosts the signal that is evident when navigating. Something else you can do is set up your configuration so that your phone doesn’t waste time with poor connections. This will help you save precious time, while trying to figure out why a particular Wi-Fi signal gives you all the bars, but won’t navigate. To change this, go to Settings Z Wi-Fi and then click on the overflow menu button and then Advanced.

Something else that could be happening if you seem to not be able to connect with a strong signal, even after trying the aforementioned. In this case, Ookla might just the solution to your problems. One of the reasons behind it might be that the case you have your cellphone in is losing signal due to its material.  To find out, you have to run a speedtest with the case off, and then (in the same location) do the same process once again with the case on. If there is any change in the results of the speed test, you may consider changing your case for one that doesn’t block your signal.

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All of these initial tricks will help you figure out if there is any quick solution to your connectivity issues. If that’s not the case, then you can always try any of these possible situations that could boost your Wi-Fi signal. You can restart your Wi-Fi modem and give it another try once it has gotten back to the correct settings to optimize your connection. Make sure no one else is making use of your Wi-Fi connection, and the best way to do this is to apply a password. Stay up to date with the manufacturer’s website to download any new firmware.  While trying to get a connection on your android device, some may struggle to figure out what’s wrong with a slow connection. But one more alternative that you have, is to ensure that no one else is making use of your connection and leading your signal to be slower than usual. Another process to keep in mind is to keep a clear browsing history, cookies and cache, thus letting you experience a faster browser.

Of course, consider downloading any of the top apps out there and check out their features and see which one adapts itself more to your needs and initial diagnosis of your connectivity issues. Some will help you find the best public Wi-Fi connection, while others will help you compare your Wi-Fi connection and cellular network to be able to choose the best possible connection. Other apps will also help you keep track of your Data use to not exceed your quota. Besides these, some apps could also display all of your Wi-Fi information and signal strength. You can also provide a manual boost that will analyze your network and its connectivity to make the necessary adjustments so your connectivity in the best possible setting.  


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