The Best Tools Out There to Communicate Amongst Gamers

Companies that are focused on developing games could find that the everyday office communication tools that other organization use may not be up to par. If you’re developing game you might as well think and act like a gamer, which means Skype will just not cut it. Especially when talking about massively multiplayer online role-playing games, or MMORPGs, developers will want to live the whole experience including how these players interact with their fellow gamers. MMORPGs, as is the case with any other kind of role-playing video game, has many players participating and interacting simultaneously, as each one takes on a specific role with a specific objective. These games take place in game worlds and because they are massive multi-player games, you can literally connect with anyone from around the world.

The main difference between single-player or small multi-player online RPGs is simply in the fact of how many players can interact at the same time.  MMORPGs have rapidly increased in the past years and revenues as high as $1.4 billion from games like World of Warcraft or over 1 million subscribers like Star Wars: The Old Republic.  This is where having just the right communication tool comes in handy. Although some social interaction is facilitated through in-game communication tools like chats, with specific groupings like guilds or clans, many parts of the game will require real time teamwork, which most of these tools won’t be able to help much in, since they are only text chats. This will need to be a tool that allows players to create a relationship of trust, which will most likely be a type of voice call that can let them play while interacting with other players. Although you can also read up on how to make the most out of online video conferencing on the Donald Burns WordPress page, applications and tools for gamers will be a little different.

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While gamers and game developers are in search of different tools, different companies have not let them down by bringing to the market a variety of alternatives to communicate with fellow gamers as they play their favorite MMORPGs. Here are some of the top tools that can give gamers the best possible experience while playing.


Curse is one of the top applications you could use to communicate with other gamers. You can download it to your computer or cellphone and sync with all of your contacts that are in Skype, and that play online games. It will automatically let you know who is signed up for online games, and will give you the option of putting them on your friends list. This app also lets you create private groups, that require password, so that you can make groups with your guild or a specific raid. As you play, it has in-game overlay so you can continue playing as your friends call and chat with you, without having to log out or leave the game screen. It also creates a community so gamers can discover new games out there as they keep sharing their passion for MMORPGs with their friends. You can have tons of alternatives to manage your community as you wish.

Discord App

Like many others, this one boasts about being the best option out there to replace Skype for gamers. Discord App is 100% free and has a mobile app available that can easily let you contact your gamer communities.  Different than other apps this one has low latency, a huge deal for any gamer, Smart Push notifications, browser support and automatic failover. It will let you make as many servers as you want with no limitations, up-to-date chatting features, extremely easy to set up, and set up voice and text channels for all of your games.  The game overlay is seamless and will let you know who’s talking or chatting while in-game.


TeamSpeak is another popular alternative, that allows you to create servers and share them with your friends. The Voice quality in the calls are particularly clear and easy to understand. It can even let you scale conversations from small groups to large conferences where up to hundreds of people can be connected at once. You can also customize it to make sure it has a look and feel that you and your friends will like.


If you’re interested in adding tons of cool features to your game experience Overwolf is the way to go. It lets you capture screens during your game, twitch streaming, use an in-game browser and an overlay along with tons of other small features that will make the gaming experience completely unique. You can add widgets as well that can connect you to your social medias like Facebook, or integrate your Skype account. The interface is very intuitive and although it’s only in beta stage, it seems to have a bright future ahead.


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