5 VoIP solutions to try before you buy

Nowadays, big and small businesses use VoIP technology for the same reasons and the same benefits. VoIP providers have multiple functions aside from merely providing the software. Many top VoIP providers provide the site by which businesses can communicate with each branch as well as with other companies and most of all with their customers.

The VoIP provider is the one that handles all the delivery of calls to phones and all the installation of software as well as the training of the staff when handling a VoIP system. But before trying some of the VoIP providers, you should keep in mind important things before converting your business into something that runs on a VoIP communications system.

First, before converting to VoIP, you need to have a good broadband connection. The best business VoIP tools especially if used with multiple simultaneous users must have a lot of bandwidth. An excellent broadband connection can maximize the functions of a good VoIP solution for your business as well as the level of connection with your customers and co-workers. Thus, if you are planning to have your business rely on a high quality VoIP system, what you first need is an excellent broadband connection. Then, VoIP also require appropriate routers and switches, strong enough to handle the workload within the internal network, with a configurable VoIP traffic high priority assignment in order to make full use of the features. Also keep in mind, that mobile phone plans are not programmed to offer the same business features as the ones offered by business phone systems, which are specifically designed for VoIP functioning. A staff that is specifically trained to handle all business transactions using the VoIP system is key in the process. What is most important here is the ability of the trained staff to handle all forms of communications involving VoIP software. Without these skills, the company will not be able to advance even with the best VoIP software and solutions.

Latest VoIP technology involves useful features such as voicemail, call forwarding, call queues, call recording, interactive voice response, and voicemail transcription. It also involves voice-to-email features, missed call notifications, extension dialing, call transferring, conference calling, and Internet faxing. Many virtual phone system companies let you give these useful services a try through a free trial account, with access to all features, get a local or toll-free number and be able to download software. Don Burns invites you to try before you buy from any of these VoIP service providers.

call_center_man_standing_VoIP providers_VoIP solutions_Don Burns
Image courtesy of plantronicsgermany at Flickr.com

Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX is one of the most well-known pioneers in providing VoIP services. One of the benefits of Virtual PBX is the fact that their system is highly redundant; possessing alternative sources for power and call carrying in the event of an unforeseen technical issue.


With integrations for other popular cloud apps and a complete set of VoIP features, Ringio is a dreamed virtual phone system for many businesses. Providing 4 main features: Sales Productivity to instantly make calls with their native click-to-call plugin; automatically show local area phone numbers on outbound calls; automatically log call data to the right object and field in Salesforce; and leave pre-recorded voicemails for leads who don’t pick up the phone. Inbound Call Handling, can easily route and handle incoming calls, create intuitive call flows with a visual editor; automatically route inbound calls to the right person; put inbound callers into a queue to easily handle large call volumes; and get contextual information on inbound callers. Use Coaching and Training feature to improve the quality of every conversation; automatically record phone calls and store them in Salesforce; monitor calling activity and listen in on your team’s live calls with one click; use a complete calling productivity dashboard; and create custom call disposition codes and sync them to Salesforce. And their fourth feature is Telephony Platform, a highly reliable telephony platform for your business, which completely replace your existing telephony infrastructure.


This VoIP provider center its strengths the key challenges of communication. With a cloud phone system it is easy to serve and manage communications for all of your locations via the internet, saving significant time and costs. Successfully scaling a business requires more than simply purchasing more equipment or exponentially adding to current systems, by combining all locations under one uniform communications platform. Security, reliability, and quality of service are all important challenges met in RingCentral. And it integrates seamlessly into the applications your company already uses every day, like Office 365, Salesforce and other leading productivity tools.


Grasshopper bills itself as the ultimate VoIP system for entrepreneurs and freelancers. The company offers four different pricing plans; each with its own amenities. The Pay-as-you-go feature is a unique option virtually unheard of amongst VoIP providers. All plans come with a money back guarantee, a great opportunity to use the service risk-free during a trial period.


Nextiva is a VoIP provider aimed at businesses. They offer their services on the NextOS platform, which is the world’s leading VoIP technology suitable for enterprise and corporate environments. The company aims to transform the way businesses operate, helping you grow and profit from the best cloud-based business VoIP services. It provides mobility and flexibility to your experience with cloud-based business VoIP services.


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