How to Use Skype for Business to Improve Your Internal Communication?

Today’s world is depending more and more on technology and the workplace is not the exception. Companies have traditionally trusted Microsoft with its technological platforms from software programs like Word and Excel to operating systems like Windows. Messaging is not the exception, and even in this front they have innovated and come out out front with the merger with Skype. This alliance brings to the corporate world Skype for Business, solving much needed setbacks that were found with other messaging systems in the workplace and highly improving on Microsoft Lync. Many have been fans of Skype for a long time, and many of those are now enjoying the new features of Skype for Business.

Some of the new features you will find are the look and feel. One of the most interesting new additions is the preview of the file that is being sent. In general, all of the commands are very straightforward and easy to find. While receiving a file you will be able to not only open it easily, but also preview, forward, or even delete it. With this new version you can even call from your desk phone for a quick audio call. This will allow you to make calls between a computer and a desk phone, two desk phones or two computers. Any combination will allow you to reach out to coworkers and clients. The other big integration will occur with the Skype directory, where you’ll be able to easily find all of your contacts. When you are on the call, but need to open additional files or simply are redirected to other links, you can still keep track of the call and find simple commands that you may need in a compact version that stays on your screen. Additionally, you will find a quick access to the call controls even while on a call. Many times during a public switched telephone network (PSTN) call you will need to access to the dial-pad and other call commands. Many companies already made the switch from Microsoft Lync to Skype for Business for several reasons. The features is only one of the reasons they have made the change, but you cannot leave out the bandwidth efficiency. With Skype for Business you’ll find a much better control over how the bandwidth is distributed. Skype at the end of the day is the best of both worlds, because it will allow employees to communicate freely on a platform that they know and feel comfortable with, and it will also let employers have control over the same platform in a work environment.

Video call_skype_donald burns_tools for communication in startups
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Even though there are many apps perfect for improving internal communication, which you can read more about on the Donald Burns WordPress blog. Skype for business takes it a step further and takes advantage of the grand variety of the Microsoft suite. They are now offering a Hybrid option with Office 365, which means that you will find tons more of additional capabilities directly built in such as Office apps and OneDrive cloud storage. The way it is set up it allows employees to adjust by offering a two-stage adoption process, where Office 365 is deployed first and then integrated with Skype for Business.

Once you have begun using Skype for Business in a workplace you’ll never want to go back. Starting off with the possibility it offers to use it across devices. This will make your team closer than ever, regardless and of distance. When you are in a meeting, your team will immediately sense the difference and feel like you were all in the same room. This collaborative work environment will let you run the smallest meeting to the large broadcast sessions that really need everyone’s input as you go along. Another amazing feature that will make you all feel connected, even if you have telecommuters on your team, is the cloud PBX. You’ll be able to simply make, transfer and receive calls anywhere you are and from any device. The voice services offered will make sure you never lose a call. Many companies are looking towards security as a big issue when using messaging services in their organizations, but have no fear. Skype for business has end-to-end security, control and compliance that will be extended to all of the employees.

At this point, many of you may be wondering why they should make the switch from Skype to Skype for Business. The first reason may be space. If you wish to have large meetings, Skype will not do with its limit of 25 people, whereas Skype for Business lets you make a call with up 250 participants. At the same time, the integration of Office apps, security and permissions, or if you want a sophisticated conference call setup. Any of these are reasons enough to make the move.


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