Slack Integrations That Will Improve Your Startup

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Slack is one of the most popular apps out there to get a grasp on how your team communicates, improving synchronous communication transversally on variety of devices. Don’t be fooled by its somewhat simple platform because in reality it has tons of features that make it very powerful and useful for any company, especially a startup. This app is one of the fastest growing apps of all time, and it just continues to grow every day. If you want to know more on exactly why this is, then simply head over to the Donald Burns’ WordPress Blog and take a look at “How to make the most out of Slack, the corporate communication platform”. Now we all know there are tons of apps out there that could help our businesses grow and have better performance. Here are just a few integrations that you could implement in your company to ensure that your team has the absolute best communication out there.

Google Hangouts

Yet another Google web app that has made it to the top of the lists of companies and schools, Google Hangouts lets your team communicate with others through video conferencing, voice calls and chat. By integrating these two amazing apps you can start a session with a specific groups of members on a particular channel or a private group. This will let you improve communication by not just relying on the chat, but going for video as an easier and faster way to share ideas. With this integration your team members will be able to jump on a call directly from the channel and stay with the look and feel of the Slack control panel. By keeping you on the Slack platform, you can also invite other members on the call whenever you want. Some companies are even using it for cross team collaborations. One example of this is in journalism where you can find Slack channels and hangouts where they collaborate on social media, analytics, challenges related to the industry and site design. This is definitely a step up from Facebook, where you can have a more intimate feel and flexible management of a group, and even get the whole group on a call.


Of course, everyone knows Twitter but the reality is that it is still being explored in the business world and advantages of how its micro blogging service can be used are still to be seen.  By integrating these two powerhouses you can post tweets to a specific account onto a particular channel on Slack. This is perfect to keep up-to-date with the ever growing social media communication we have with customers. The alert will help you respond quickly and stay on top of your Twitter communication.


One of the most recognized email marketing platforms out there can also be integrated with Slack. By implementing this integration, you can receive updates about subscriptions, status on a campaign and you can even choose the lists to keep track of. For the moment, those are the features you can take advantage of, hopefully we’ll see some new ones soon.

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This one could be considered direct competition with Slack at times, as a collaborative project management tool that many companies use to stay on top of their projects through lists and cards. With this integration you can get updates when changes are made to the Trello cards, which has come in very handy to many companies. So much so, that this is considered to be the second most popular integration to Slack. It is completely customizable so that you only get updates to relevant lists and cards on Trello. On a day to day basis it can be very hard to keep track of all of those cards, this way your team can stay informed and their communication can be improved greatly. Of course, like any of the integrations mentioned there are still some things that would be great to see, but are still not quite there like the option of creating a card while on the Slack app. Let’s see what the future brings.

Google Drive

For sure Google Drive is at the top of the list, making it the most popular integration with Slack so far. Google Drive and Slack is the perfect combination when considering file sharing as part of your procedures. Just by pasting a Google Drive link it will be available to everyone in the channel, as well as give additional information on the link. Whereas most chat rooms will give a blind link, Slack will not only paste the link, but some additional information about the link so that people know what you’re sharing. By combining forces Slack and Google Drive offer a seamless communication hub and collaborative online work environment. Startups especially could benefit from this alliance in a great way.


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