7 Reasons That Make the OnHub Your Best Option for a Router

Most of us have for sure experienced that terrible feeling – like a cold drop on the back- that only comes to us when we realize the internet is out. Probably after checking the Wi-Fi connection, the first thing we do is rush to the router and start a plugging and unplugging routine that can last at least 10 minutes until the internet works again.

That kind of undesirable router situations -plus the fact that routers are ugly, terribly designed, most times poorly installed and, by all means, difficult to understand-, have inspired Google to design a new device called OnHub. It works as a better and faster router with a Wi-Fi connection which speed exceeds the standard, making it easier and faster to download, stream and share information.

In this article, Don Burns shows you seven reasons why the OnHub presents its self as one of the best options available in the market when it comes to having beautifully designed router with a fast Wi-Fi connection.

1 . Types

The OnHub can be found in two different presentations, one made by TP- Link and the other one by Asus. The first one has a front-facing antenna and an ambient light ring on top. The second one, on the other hand, has a wave control and a subtle light on the base. They both are capable of 1900Mbps throughput on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands; they have no fewer than 13 antennas, making it easier to work in difficult radio environments. It also has a dual-core processor and 4GB on on-board storage.

2. Wi-Fi Connection

In terms of having a fast Wi-Fi connection, OnHub routers do more than handle Wi-Fi traffic to your phone, computer or any smart device. They also can handle 802.15.4 wireless, are Bluetooth Smart ready, and offer Weave support, which is a new communication protocol that allows devices to communicate with each other directly.

The OnHub device is a very affordable router – about $199/each in North America-, designed to provide a strong and fast Wi-Fi signal. As it has multiple antennas and is equipped with both hardware and software to find the right channel, it makes the wireless signal one of the best you can currently find in the market for home products.

3. Design

From the package to de device itself, the OnHub is a well-designed object, there is no need for you to hide it since it doesn’t look like a space ship or a complicated black box with a thousand lights on it. The OnHub looks like a piece of modern art or a minimalistic vase. It is designed in a way you will be able to leave it in the open, where no walls, doors, or furniture can block its signal.

4. Control it from your phone

The OnHub uses a free Google On app that allows you to do adjustments and changes anywhere at any time. With the app, you can easily check bandwidth usage, see who is connected and set up priority times. You can see if both your internet connection and router are working properly and be aware of the number of devices connected to your network, showing the bandwidth used by each user.

Google OnHub router_don burns_telecommunications
Image courtesy of Paul Moody at Flickr.com

5. Software Setup

If you want to setup your OnHub, the only thing you need to do is download the app, then create a Google account, log in with it and tap the “add new OnHub” option. The app will immediately detect if there is an OnHub router close to you and will ask you to move close to it, just so you can hear the audio tone played when your phone and OnHub are paired up. You’ll know your device is up and running when the LED ring stays blue.

6. Speed Test

With the app you can check your router speed, testing your Wi-Fi connection in two ways: first, it checks your speed between the OnHub and your internet provider. Then, it checks the strength of the connection between the router and your device. The obtained information is presented as an easy to read efficiency percentage. Having the chance of testing the router’s speed allows you to determinate if there’s a problem with your ISP or if you just have a bad connection to your router.

7. Up to date

One of the most amazing characteristics of the OnHub is the possibility of keeping it up to date through the app. OnHub’s software is supposed to include security features that are constantly updating, that means the device will always improve by updating against any security flaws.

To read more about the OnHub, visit Google’s website, by clicking here.


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