Using Producteev at Your Startup Could Take You to the Top

Getting all of your team to work together and know where each project stands at all times will be key to getting your startup off the ground. A task manager will definitely help this work smoothly and your team become more efficient. Producteev is considered one of the best task managers out there and here is just a few reasons why, as well as tips on how to use it in your startup. Before we get started, remember that task management platforms will be just as good as the team that is using it, and it will come down to how your company integrates this platform into their procedures. If the platform is not ingrained in every process and the team is not onboard with using it, or simply does not know how, it will never accomplish its full potential. Besides a task management platform, it’s also important to consider other apps that can make your startup run smoothly like the ones I go over in my previous post.

For starters, Producteev has many features that let you organize your projects in an easy and straightforward way. By creating networks, projects, tasks, assigning labels and identifying priorities you can ensure that in a very clear way your tasks are clear to every participant, both internal and external. Each task can also have subtasks and can be assigned a deadline and a person in charge of the task.

Networks are the different workplaces that the company has con Producteev. Each workplace can have its own set of projects, tasks and collaborators. By assigning a network to each project or client, you can ensure that in an organized way every collaborator is completely informed at all times of updates in each project. The easy-to-use platform will be very useful especially for clients, since in most cases they will not go through the same training as your employees.

Projects is basically the place to locate the to-do list for a particular project in your network and can also be shared with a number of collaborators. You can choose if to share with the whole company or to simply share with the few people involved. They can be easily customized and the privacy controls can be adjusted with ease.

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Tasks will be the actual activity that has to be implemented in your project. Each task can be assigned, labeled, prioritized, commented on, set as a recurring reminder and of course tracked. Labels will let you categorize the tasks with either colors or a description, allowing you to later filter easily and find whatever you may need. You can also set a priority to each task, so that all of the collaborators can identify easily the level of importance of each one. Not to mention, that each task can also have a series of subtasks that can be added, reordered, checked-off or deleted. Most importantly, and what will truly help your startup stay on track is the feature that allows you to set up a deadline. Depending on how your company works and the organizational structure, this can come in handy when assigning a task, which will go along with a set deadline, or when negotiating a deadline for a specific task. Assigning a deadline will also let you sort the tasks by due dates, just to have a more visual sense of the project’s priorities.

Finally, the Producteev platform has two other features that will make navigating it extremely easy. Filters will let you sort and view by a number of different categories like collaborators, due date, task status, labels, projects, among others. All you need to do is write the keyword in the search field or simply select one from the drop-down menu that appears. If there are particular commands that you often do on the platform, you can also assign shortcut commands to assign a task, or add labels, or set a deadline.

When considering the different uses and integration of Producteev to your startup, be sure to check out Zapier. Zapier allows you to integrate web apps with just a few clicks, so they can share data among themselves. You can even automate the workflow between the apps, and in this way innovate how your procedures work and let your employees seamlessly shift between web apps. Zapier even has a series of zaps that can come in handy with Producteev, teaming it with Evernote, Asana and Google Calendar. To see more on how Zapier works and how to pair it with other productivity web apps click here.

To get the most out of Producteev you don’t necessarily have to look to other web apps, be sure to play around with the available settings and features. From the settings you can edit your profile, including your picture, change the setting to how Producteev links with your emails in terms of getting updates and notifications, as well manage applications like Producteev Web, Producteev iOS and Producteev Mac apps. Finally, you can even import data from into your account to make thing a bit easier. At the end of the day, it will come down to how your company sets up its procedures and the use of any app your startup decides to use.


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