Make Online Meetings Easy at Your Startup

With one quick download your company could start using and find an amazing and seamless way of communicating and sharing ideas with each other that takes away all of the hastle from video conferencing. Unlike other conferencing tools, this one is extremely intuitive and has only left those absolutely necessary tools like whiteboards, share screening and of course video calls and chat. Many companies are using it today to make their meetings a lot more productive and easy. sfHEIMAT, an interior design company, is a good example of how they use and  help grow their business.

Click here to view the video: “sfHEIMAT – Bringing Ideas to Life with”

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Although, many of the tools I’ve talked about in previous posts are more about Internal Communication Made Easier which you can read here, this one will definitely open your eyes to an amazing app that can help you improve communication with your clients and providers, while not even leaving the office. In the case of sfHEIMAT as designers it’s perfect because it allows them to walk their clients through their designs and get immediate feedback. has even been featured on as a great tool for startup companies looking to make an impact.

Here are some of the features Join.Me has that will let you share your ideas and thoughts easily.

Free audio and video conferencing

Although many other apps feature audio and video conferencing, with in the PRO and BUSINESS license you will also find that it includes local conference numbers in the US and over 50 other countries. You can find simple to use controls like Mute Participants and Roll Call. When it comes to audio conferencing, independent of how many people join the call, and how they join it, be it via phone or internet calling (VoIP), it will be unlimited and free. As for video conferencing, besides having the engaging bonus of having video, each participant on the call appears in a stylish video bubble. These bubbles remain even when sharing simultaneously screens.

Mobile Apps

With you are no longer restrained to your office, but you can take the meetings on the go and even host them from other mobile devices with iOS and Android. If you have an Apple Watch you can even join in or start a meeting with a single touch. You can even use the Mobile Whiteboard for iPad and iPhone to share your ideas, collaborate and brainstorm in a whole new way.

One-click Scheduling

The scheduler is so easy to use that trying to set up a meeting in the past will seem like a joke. Here you can simply set up your meeting in or even directly in Outlook and Google Calendar. Once you have set up the meeting you can send invitations, check to see how many meetings you have scheduled and even start the meeting just by clicking a button.

Personal Link

Besides sending an invitation, you can also set up your own custom link where your company name, or project name can appear in the link making the meeting completely personalized to your needs. This personal touch even goes one step further by allowing you to customize the background, giving it the environment or the setting that you need for the meeting.


You and your clients may be miles away, but sharing ideas and brainstorming is definitely not out of the question with You can use whiteboard from your iPhone and iPad to share with everyone on the call in real-time what you have in mind. Since everyone, independent if they are on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device can see the whiteboard it makes it extremely easy to take part in the discussion and capture all of the ideas of the meeting.

Presenter Swap

If you’re not the only one in charge, but you need others in the call to take control every once in awhile, then presenter swap is the perfect feature. It allows you to tag-team a presentation or simply hand off to the client or provider to get their feedback. Once you hand over the presenter role, the other participant will be able to share their screen with the same functions you had as the presenter.

Screen Sharing

By sharing your screen, you can allow the other participants in the call to view anything you need to share from animations, reports or presentations. You won’t need to worry about making sure they can open the file, or if they can open it from their device at the moment. Now, they can all see what you’re seeing as if they were in the office with you. With the PRO account you could even share your screen with up to 50 people.

There are many other apps that you can take a look at like Oovoo or simply take a look at my blog for more ideas.


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