Find Out How to Bring Your Startup Team Closer with Asana

Most companies that have been around for a while are constantly trying to find the perfect tool that will give their team the opportunity to collaborate, communicate easily and become more efficient. For a startup it is just as important to get off on the right foot and have the right tools from the get go. Having a team that can communicate and stay on track will come down to one of the details that can help a team grow and become successful even from their early years. One of these tools can be Asana, which is actually a great way to eliminate jam-packed inboxes and make meetings more efficient. In some offices it’s being used from assigning basic tasks to long-term planning and even voting on ideas. Many teams have completely transitioned and managed to use Asana for so many tasks that used to take away time from their daily routines, not allowing them to be as effective as they could be.

One way of using Asana is for goal tracking of your startup team. With Asana you can set, track and share goals by simply creating a project and keeping it updated as you go along. Everyone you share the project with will be kept up to speed on your completed tasks. In the same way you could create a project, and use it as a communication board to inform the staff or a specific team about something of relevance. You can use the conversations function to announce new additions to the team or staff promotions, or simply brainstorm ideas.  You can also share articles easily by creating a task with the link for the interesting article you want to share, or by adding an Asana Chrome extension. With this extension you can add links while browsing. This will let your team reference these links at any time and even begin a discussion about the article right in the task comments. If someone is particularly interested in following what’s being said about an article, they can simply follow the task and even get updates in their inbox. Asana can also help with manager reporting, by using the tasks and sections you can set up who is answering to whom, and this way be able to even keep a historic record of the changes made in management through time.

More than keeping track of communication within your team, you can also use this in everyday operations in your startup. You can make the most out of every meeting, by using Asana to plan and run your meetings. You can create a project for all recurring meetings and share with the attendees, so you can all be aware of the tasks leading up to a meeting and this way you’ll know exactly what’s on your agenda when the meeting begins. Some companies are also using it for launches as well. When your startup is in need of making a launch of a product, Asana will get all of your team onboard to keep them on the same page, even with so many people participating in the event and with a different array of activities. Asana helps so that all the moving pieces can work smoothly.  It can also help for any repeating processes by creating a template with a standard set of tasks and projects that can be used quickly by all team members. This will make every process seem easy to all your employees, new and old.

Asana, is also very well-recognized for its planning tools, allowing you to make roadmaps and pipelines. Roadmaps on Asana can highlight your team’s milestones and plans during a project. It will let your team know backlog of tasks, upcoming tasks, as well as the ones being worked on right now. You can set these tasks as being priority or schedule it for later. On the other hand, you can also use it for pipelines, where you go through specific processes and divide this process into stages. Share with the team and have everyone follow along.

Asana Business Cards_tools for communication in startups_donald burns
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Even their business card focuses on completing tasks! There are other tasks it’s used for, where you really need to track and organize the different responsibilities to get the job done. Activities like candidate tracking, customer orders or requests and employee development. In some companies it’s even being used to track inventory, be it a detailed inventory catalog or a simple grocery list. Asana is definitely helping companies track their progress and stay on track in more ways than one. The more you and your team use Asana, the more you’ll find more ways of improving your company’s efficiency. As a young startup it is even more important to start with clear channels of communication, independent of your industry, Asana will definitely set you on the course for success.


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