How to choose the best wireless router for you

I bet you wonder and yell why your home internet is so slow. We all do, relax. Maybe your router has been there, in that corner of your room, under layers and layers of dust since you got it, two years ago. It’s not a secret that you might need a brand new wireless router. That will certainly help you get the most out of your connection.

People don’t use to get crazy about better routers in the same way they do over gadgets and electronics, but keep in mind that routers are simply the brain of your home network. Dumping your rushed router and purchasing a better one will save you headaches, time, money and potential anger attacks. Yes, you know what I mean.

Naturally, the first question that pops out in people’s mind when other people recommend they may need to improve the internet network is: “Wait a second, bro… the cable company gave me a router, why should I buy another one if it works just fine?” Well, bro… it’s not that simple. Let’s say you live in a small place. In general, the router you are leasing because of your subscription should be sufficient for handling a pair of devices simultaneously (and at quite short range). And let’s say that you have paid for a top tier download speed service. Nevertheless, the little dusty router you got from the company just don’t reach all the corners of your home, and always leave you hanging when you are trying to watch the next episode of the TV show you follow on Netflix. Meanwhile your son threats the computer screen in loud voice because it’s impossible to play online with that speed and your partner grunts because the Skype connection is about to drive him/her straight to the mental institution. Life could be easier than that, dear. At least in this area.

So you ask Google (if your wireless connection woke up in a good mood) about which is the right wireless router for you. It’s overwhelming… If you go to the mall, you will have the same problem: the offer is so huge that you will start feeling anguish about how to choose a better router. If you search in geek forums, they will give you some brand names. Yet, there is more to the choice than just selecting the brand you can remember better. Keep calm: to find a right wireless router is not that hard if you read and learn from posts like this one, about Wireless Networking (you’re welcome). Because if you are new in the high tides of networking (like most part of the people, you’re not alone) you will just change the kind of your problems. There are, basically, three features you need to keep in mind when finding out the best router: range, speed and reliability. However, it may surprise you, but most of the hardware they will try to sell you as the solution for your internet tragedy is not reliable enough, and months after you will find yourself in the start point. It’s also very important to think about the size of the area you need to cover, the amount of clients (your partner, your son, the neighbor who discovered your “123456789” Wi-Fi password…), and the kind of devices connected to the router. Every customer is different, and every need is unique, but here is a top-three list of the best wireless routers of the current year in my opinion. I hope it works, from the bottom of my heart:

wireless router_communication_internet_donald burns
Image courtesy of Sean MacEntee at
  1. D’Link Ultra Wifi Router

It delivers a Tri-band WiFi performance. One band of 2.4 GHz and two of 5 GHz. A 1 GHz Dual Core processor. Three fast bands will help you and your crew to enjoy a higher speed.

  1. Linksys WRT1900AC

This is my second princess: this router functions as network attached storage. If you need to connect storage devices with the router, this is the one. It’s the only router in the market that provides high read/write speeds for storage devices (connected to the router as an exclusive network attached storage). The performance this router offers with attached storage is the hook that make geeks to buy it a lot. It’s a Dual band router, and it delivers 2.4 GHz on one band and 5.0 GHz on the other at the same time.

  1. Asus RT-AC3200

This is the queen of the prom in 2016. It’s, by far, maybe the fastest router available. It has a wonderful tri-band capability that will never leave you stuck. The user-friendly interface, the built-in VPN server, the possibility of connecting to different sources simultaneously and the outstanding monitoring features of your network makes it just the best option for 24/7+ internet enthusiasts.

Good luck with that. See you next time.


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