4 routers you want to avoid and why

There are many routers and technologies out there in the market. As a matter of fact, in this blog we have discussed and showed you the many options of very good and even the best routers for home and business alike. But remember, there are always to sides to the coin and as there are many routers and brands that are making it easier for everyone, there are others that are just not meeting the expectations that the public is paying for. Of course, technology changes and upgrades and new gadgets come out every day, so the routers that are not every good could have already changed these little defects and step backs and now can be competing head to head with the best. All in all, AC Wi-Fi is great but not all home routers supporting the new standards are worth the purchase. The article is aimed at pointing out some of the setbacks that these routers experience, for one reason or another, but that doesn’t mean that they are totally wrong and worthless. Everybody deserves a second chance.  

Linksys EA6900 Smart WiFi Wireless AC Router AC1900

The Belkin’s Linksys EA6900 was produced in the late 2013 and beginnings of 2014 as one of the latest in Linksys EA series of Smart Wi-Fi routers. It was also the first router to drop the Cisco logo since the huge negotiation when Linksys was sold to Belkin back in March 2013. One of the first drawbacks is that the router’s 5 GHz frequency generally quits after an hour of use or of working, maybe due to overheating or very prolonged time of use. Another little drawback, or not so little, is that since the 802.11ac only works on the 5Ghz band, this makes the router just as good as a single-band 2.4Ghz router. Since we are focusing on meeting expectations, the EA6900 is just too expensive for what it has to offer.

Amped Wireless RTA15 High Power Dual Band AC 700mW Wi-Fi Router

Amped Wireless is the company that produces The RTA15 which is an 802.11ac router, and as a company they are focused on  Wi-Fi coverage and everything related to the topic. Their main promise is that the router offers very long range of coverage, which is true, but after reading several reviews and articles, it is safe to say that the RTA15 indeed offered very long range, but unfortunately with very low Wi-Fi signal quality. In other words, people can see the signal strength but it is just not reliable to connect and stay connected and the performance of the connection is just not worth the investment. Furthermore, when compared to other similarly configured routers, the RTA15 High Power Dual Band AC 700mW Wi-Fi Router just did not win the match.

OTE Shop_internet connection_communications_don burns_routers
Image courtesy of Robert Wallace at Flickr.com

Netgear R6100 WiFi Router

The R6100 router is not that bad, in fact, it is one of the most affordable 802.11ac routers you can find on the market and for the price it is very decent. After reading several sources, we found out that the main problem it has is that it lacks support for Gigabit Ethernet. For fast wired networks this is a big problem because you wouldn’t have access to this type of network and you simply can’t use its AC Wi-Fi speed in many cases. This is because the router’s Wi-Fi speed, by specs, is much faster than that of its network ports. Another big setback is that it offers very short range of coverage, and in the market this is an issue that spooks buyers. We can conclude that the 802.11ac is as good as a regular true dual-band N600 router and that for the same money, you can get an N600 with much better range and more features.

Linksys EA6500 Smart Wi-Fi Router AC 1750 HD Video Pro

The Linksys EA6500 supports 802.11ac just as its peer mentioned above, the Linksys EA6900. They are the first in the Linksys EA series that support this technology. Sorry, after several reviews, this router just does not meet any expectation at all. In fact, many very disappointed reviews can be seen in the web. Some reviews say that even after a major firmware update the router still was underperforming. In fact, that it was inferior to the lower-end Linksys EA6400, which seems to be the only decent 802.11ac router in the Linksys EA series.

Although these routers get very bad reviews and just don’t meet expectations, it doesn’t mean that they are just worth nothing or that every person should run and throw their router away. It means that there are comparisons that are worth making and that the information could help your provider, or yourself, upgrade and look for the best option for your house, business or office.


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