What to Expect from Your New VoIP Call Center?

Many companies are making the change over to VoIP Call Centers to handle all their customer relationship, taking advantage of all the features they can find in this new technology. There are many ways to ensure you get the most out of your Call Center’s platform and begin reaping the benefits from completely satisfied customers.  

To begin with, it’s important to realize that independent of the system we are using for our call center, there are some things we can prepare our agents for and include in the procedures to ensure the utmost quality. Start off with the basics like the tone of voice. In most cases it’s not going to be about what you say, but how you say it. So, remind agents to speak clearly and use a friendly tone when talking to customers. Now, don’t forget to sound human! Memorizing lines and simply reciting them is not enough. The operators or agents should sound polite and professional at all times. This next one may seem silly to some of your employees, but practice and they’ll definitely see the results. Smiling while talking to your customers on the other line will make a huge difference, so remind your agents or operators to give it a try. Remind them that this is a two-way conversation, so they have to actually listen to what the client is saying. The obvious one is making sure they know how to use the system they are using at the call center. This will also show professionalism during the call, by being able to use the features seamlessly. Avoiding bad customer service is the key, and these are just a few that will help to avoid that.

Centre de communications_telecommunications_donald burns
Image courtesy of PhotosNormandie at Flickr.com

When changing over to a VoIP call center, it’s important to make sure everyone understands the new features they will have available to them with this new system. Depending on the platform you get the features will vary, but overall these are some that you can expect to find on your provider’s list. In general, you’ll find that they are cost-effective, reduce capital investment to a minimum and demonstrate higher stability and reliability, along with 24/7 technical support. So, unlike the traditional switch boards that are used for call centers, a VoIP call center runs over Internet Protocol. This means that they don’t own, host or operate any equipment, but instead pays a monthly or annual fee to their provider which hosts the call center in their own data center. This is what lets companies save money by paying only for the services or minutes that are actually used, instead of a monthly expense of hardware, storage of equipment and manager of that equipment.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) will intelligently route and queue calls to the different operators making sure the flow is even and well-distributed to all free agents, this can also be programmed based on the time of day. It will similarly have a feature to queue inbound calls and guide the caller with an Interactive Voice Response IVR/Auto attend, freeing time from your operators it lets customers through a self-service application and gathers necessary information giving you insight as to the best agent to pair with that customer. Since the platform is integrated online it will allow you to have real time monitoring. Usually, for bigger companies you’ll also find that the system will automatically generated daily statistics, perfect for management to make decisions.

Additionally, you’ll also find features that will improve the customer’s experience like music, announcements and advertisements while on hold. Some systems will also offer a text-to-speech feature that can come in very handy providing dynamic information on your contacts. When using VoIP, you don’t need to worry about the number, you can easily create a new toll-free national or international number, or even migrate existing numbers to your new call center. If you are interested in more IVR responses for a larger company, you could build a sophisticated application that will allow callers to create conference calls by simply calling additional phone numbers to add participants. Yes, VoIP also offers the service of voicemails for individual agents or simply in general for any agent to respond to. By using this kind of platform, you can also ensure that your agents are always on point delivering consistent messages, by using a script tailored to the purpose of each call. Being a virtual call center can also be an option, where you can distribute the workforce, have flexible resource allocation and adopt new hiring models. Finally, you can also use call recording and storage which is the perfect tool for training and customer quality control. Not even mentioning cloud-based systems that can increase and scale this platform to other services like sales, VoIP is definitely a great tool to have.


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