How Google Hangouts can improve your business?

Google hangouts has been around for a while, but I know most companies write it off as a simple video call or IM platform. When in reality it could help catapult your business so much more than you would expect. Google Hangouts is great for families and friends who want to hang out, but that’s not all. Despite some of its fun and lighthearted features, it can also create some amazing opportunities as a company to expand your business and communicate either with specific people or to the world. By understanding how this tool can enhance your procedures you will not only save money, but create a new level of efficiency in your company.

Internal communication

Video calls, voice calls or messaging are the most obvious use for Google Hangouts, but have you tired using it for specific purposes?

Host staff meetings

Those Monday morning meetings where everyone has to come in from their field offices and take the whole morning to commute back to their office and get back to work. With Google Hangouts you can hold that staff meeting remotely, avoid the hassle of commuting to one office and ensure everyone can actively participate during the session. The ease of using different devices will ensure that everyone can log on and take part in the staff meeting.  

Host a coaching session

Most companies offer coaching sessions as part of the professional development of their employees, and this can also be transferred over to Google Hangouts. With Google Hangout’s possibility of airing the video other employees can watch the session later on YouTube if they can’t make it, or depending on the topic simply use it as part of the orientation process for new employees.

Peer-to-peer roundtables

If your company is spread out over the whole country, these peer-to-peer sessions have proven to be quite thought provoking and effective sessions. Although these sessions don’t have a leader per say, it’s simply a sort of mediator that keeps the topic on track, while everyone present in this small group gives their opinions on the chosen topic. This middle ground can help tap into real solutions your company might be having.

Conference calls

Google Hangouts also offers the possibility of having conference calls, which are great if you have up to 10 people that want to connect. If your company is in need of having larger groups or needs alternative ways of connecting to the call, you can always upgrade your service. By upgrading you’ll be able to increase the number of people that attend your online conference call, see their faces and understand how they are reacting to the session. It will also give you the possibility of having people call in by using alternative apps like Uberconference.

Reaching out to your audience

This tool is also great for reaching out to your audience and letting them get to know you better.


By using Google Hangouts on Air you can avoid the high costs of hosting a webinar and even save your webinars on your YouTube channel. This is a great way of becoming a thought leader in your industry and sharing your ideas with clients, employees and other stakeholders.

Start a hangout_google_don burns_tools for communication in startups
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Q & A Session

Include thought leaders that make part of your community and open the doors to Q&As so people can ask questions, find out more and put a face to your company or brand. You can even get students to register for these sessions, so you walk away with a rich database of emails that you can later use for marketing.

Launch a product

This could also be the perfect way to launch a product. By doing it through a Google Hangout, you can make the people who are participating feel exclusive and close to the brand and your company. Use this opportunity to let your consumers know what else to expect for you and the brand, as well as give input and feedback to your product.

Improve internal procedures

Google Hangout can also come in very handy for improving and making internal procedures a lot more efficient.

Selection process

Your HR department can use this tool to make the selection process a lot more efficient. You can get a group of candidates together for an initial encounter to find out more about the post and then hold individual sessions to interview them, all without having them come into the office yet. This will also allow key people within the company to get to know them, without causing a huge strain on logistics.

Continuous training

Once people are part of the company, they will appreciate anything the company offers to help them grow professionally, although they may not always find the time for it. So, in an attempt to help your employees, participate actively in these sessions, you could hold various session, post the videos for previous sessions on YouTube and your employees could write their questions on the comments section to get feedback and engage in asynchronous communication with the trainer.

You can take a look at some more ideas of how to use Google Hangouts for your business here.  

how to use google hangouts for business
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