How can your company benefit from new VoIP trends?

Companies have stood by while communication and technological advances have changed the game for many industries, helping to create new businesses, making some obsolete or even revamping others. The latest trend in communication in companies has been VoIP, which has allowed both small and big companies to find benefits that improve their operations. Yes, we all know about the basic advantages to using VoIP like voicemail, call waiting, toll free numbers, call forwarding and remote operation, but we all overlook some of the other features or uses you can use it for. If your company has already switched over to VoIP, are you using it to its full potential? Some companies are integrating it to their door, allowing them to have a conversation with the person at the door and buzz them in all from their phone. Others are using its Find me/Follow me call routing feature, that will never let you miss another call again. Another interesting feature is its voicemail to email transcription where you’ll make sure you get everything the message said, without having to fumble around looking for something to write with to jot down the number or address. Call screening, do not disturb and conferencing are also great features many companies forget about once they get their VoIP installed. Although, VoIP is being used in many companies across the country and its many features have helped companies become more efficient and have better communication internally and with clients and suppliers, there is still more to come. This year brings many new trends that will help your company use VoIP to reach out to more people.

Cloud-based PBX systems

These customizable systems are opening the doors to impressive advanced call management and integration with Unified Communications benefits, like enhanced productivity and collaboration through its tools and apps, and reduced travel and operational costs. By replacing your on-premise PBX you will notice an improvement in your costs, flexibility and overall scalability of the systems that will let your business focus on its core service or product.

Even more integration

We are constantly looking for new ways to do more with less, and this rush against the clock to multi-task and get it all done is leading us more and more down the road of technological advances that allow us to do just this. So far there are many cloud-based platforms and products out there that give our companies additional features and benefits while truly giving us a more collaborative, real-time communication tool that we can explore and mold to our own image. Towards the future this trend will only continue to grow as now we will continue not only to see cloud-based stand alone tools, but integrated ones for every need you could think of. Integrating accounting systems, customer relationship management (CRM) and contact center and help desk programs is now a reality. VoIP is definitely at the core of all of the programs and will help companies meet productivity goals that everyone is striving for.

Contact centers will be key

Cloud-based contact centers have proven to be more efficient, demonstrate better turnover, and implement improvements on processes through effective monitoring. Once again, these systems are easily scalable and internally have been acclaimed by employees and managers who are seeing benefits to the change as well. The trend to cross over to VoIP-hosted contact centers will only continue to grow.

The Internet of Thing (IoT)

VoIP has had an increasing affect on the Internet of Thing (IoT), which means the connection of anything and everything to your phone giving it the capability to turn it on and off. With today’s fast-paced advancements this means the VoIP may soon be integrated into the Smart Home movement, through VoIP-enabled phones that will control everything from your security to the temperature in your home. Not limiting it to only your homes, the Smart Office is just around the corner with features like reserving desk space, customizing the hotel environment during a trip to ensure it plays as your office for those days. There are no limits to what can be done with the integration of so many technological advances.

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Collaboration solutions for VoIP and UC

Although the relevance of email has yet to be dethrones yet, many other tools have snuck up and become communication tools of choice for many businesses and companies. Communication, today is almost synonymous to collaboration, making it only logical to merge video, live chat and other relevant tools that can prove to be efficient and will significantly reduce long email threads. By integrating VoIP and UC, new solutions are arising like Web Real-Time Communication (WEB RTC), which is making it easier and easier to communicate without barriers. Using web-based applications people can now easily engage in data sharing, voice calls and video chat without needing plug-ins, apps or add-ons. Microsoft, like other companies, are already enabling back-end interoperability with programs like Skype, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.


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