Make sure you start off your business with the best communication

When you’re starting off your business you usually invest a lot of time in many different things like budgeting, marketing and hiring the best talent, but many times a simply factor like communication is overlooked. We assume that it will simply fall into place and everyone will obviously be able to communicate easily and trouble-free, but in reality many issues that arise may come from this vital process. So, when starting off your business take some time to make sure you’ve set up a stable, easy to use and efficient communication strategy. In this day and age there are so many tools that we may get a bit overwhelmed, so here is a straightforward breakdown of the best communication tools out there and that are ideal for any startup.


Google Drive

Google Drive, was previously known as Google Docs. Here you can share documents, collaborate on the content of those files and store them as well for easy access to the whole team. It will let your team work together, despite the fact they may be all over the country in an easy and organized way.


Zoho is an online suite of services and products that will help you manage everyday activities, but also collaborate on different tasks through a no-hassle editor. Focusing on its Docs product, it offers an alternative to Google Drive, while also working across platforms and devices. Zoho will not only allow you to use this part of its software, but also integrate it with all of the other services and products

Goal tracking system


This tool has been around for a while and they just seem to keep making it better and better. Asana allows your team to set goals and deadlines, communicate, congratulate a co-worker’s progress on a project or simply follow along until you are needed in the process. Participants can tag each other, as well as other tasks, besides giving the possibility of commenting on the tasks with questions or updates. Asana is especially interesting when your company handles many projects.


Redbooth works similarly to Asana, but has quite interesting features that can come in handy at your company. It will let you not only share ideas and updates on a project, but also discuss them in real time leading the team on a collaborative journey towards new ideas and project management styles. It has a clean and distraction free style that will really let your employees focus on what they have to do and keep track of their progress and their team’s as well.

Collaborating_tools for communication in startups_Don Burns_Donald Burns
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Skype has been around for what seems to be forever, but yes it is still relevant and one of the most used messaging services in the world. It allows you to make video calls, share screens and even webinars. Skype now counts with a business version that is fully integrated into Office 365. Skype is used just as much in the offices as it is at home, as one of the go-to apps for communicating with people all over the world.


This is a great platform that offers real-time chat capability not with employees, but with customers. This platform has quite a bit of features that really make it worthwhile and at a very affordable price. This is perfect for the companies that need to offer efficient live chat, allowing customers to engage and actively participate with your company and brand.  Many companies have actually been switching over, finding in Zopim everything they need to have an excellent relationship with their customers.

Google Hangouts

This one is also quite popular, and it is ideal for larger groups or committees, since Skype does have a limit, at least in the free version. Google Hangouts is stable, free and most importantly reliable. This platform I most used for department meetings, client support company and shoe


This is a relatively new chat alternative that allows you to include various chat rooms so as to not get side tracked during a conversation. By using this platform, you are keeping your business organized and staying up to speed on projects. It’s simple to understand and even easier to use to assure the absolute best communication on your team.

All of the tools can be great, but as a final piece of advice be sure to choose what your company really needs. Keep it simple. Most companies can have difficulties either because they don’t have a clear guidelines as to how communication should flow, whereas other companies include so many different steps and apps that at the end they end up being redundant and not even used. Be sure to pick the apps or tools you truly need, that they allow you to track progress effectively and finally that it’s easy to use for your team.


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