9 inexpensive apps to make your startup’s communications better

Entrepreneurship is not an easy task; creating a startup requires perseverance, dedication, a great team, communication and, above all, a lot of organization. And it is in this last point that it is quite easy to fail. It’s no use having all the intentions to develop a great idea if the disorganization is a protagonist in our team, an unwanted member that slows and complicates the process of becoming entrepreneurs.

Technology is a great ally to make our lives and professions easier, and considering that almost everyone has a smartphone or access to a computer, why not use applications as tools to manage, organize and improve the communications of our startup?

  1. Skype

This is one of the most popular pieces of software for communicating. Having a tool that allows you to stay away from a phone line. After all, who uses land lines anymore? Microsoft’s software offers free audio and video conversations, file sharing and conference calls.

  1. GoToMeeting

Skype and GoToMeeting allow you to have audiovisual contact with people, both have very good features, you can share your screen, you can make presentations, different levels of privacy depending on what they are used for. Using either one of these tools can save you a fortune and allows you to be connected, especially if your startup is all over the world and requires meetings with clients in Europe, Asia, South America, and so on. It is available on desktop and mobile devices.

  1. HipChat

One of the most versatile messaging and video calling platforms for corporate or professional purposes that features chat rooms, the ability to share documents and files with one person or an entire audience, creating private conversations and public rooms or ones that are closed to only certain users. It also has a notification system, making it easy to mention one or all members of a room. All of these possibilities make of HipChat one of the best tools for team communications, with official applications for major mobile or desktop platforms.

  1. Campfire

Another group messaging platform designed especially for corporate use, which makes it easy to not only chat with your team, but to share documents, files and even code (ideal for programmers), and it offers group calls and the ability to bookmark files to find them quickly.

  1. Google Hangouts

Just as it happens with Skype and Microsoft’s OneDrive, for those who have business apps and use the ecosystem of Google products to manage your team, Hangouts can be a great ally, even when it is not completely focused as a platform for professional use. Messaging and group video calls are integrated directly into the mailing system of your startup.

texting_apps_communications_don burns
Image courtesy of Susan Murtaugh at Flickr.com
  1. Slack

Another great example of corporate messaging services that offers free options that can turn into a good internal communication channel with which to organize our startup team. This app can be used from your web browser or mobile phone. It has a handy feature to index and search for files to access them quickly whenever you need them.

  1. Redbooth

This is a communication and collaboration tool that provides a single place to share tasks, conversations, and video files. Very useful for startup teams and medium enterprises.

  1. Wrike for project management

Whether to coordinate teamwork internally, to monitor the performance of external workers or remote employees we have hired, or to continue to manage ongoing projects while we are traveling, it is essential to have a tool for project management, hopefully a cloud-based one. Wrike is an advanced and very interesting cloud-based tool for communication and project management. The free version has many limitations, but the professional version, for just $10 per user, is more powerful, with many more features, data views and it is more flexible in terms of customization options, thus optimizing productivity and the execution of tasks.

  1. Noysi

Noysi is a startup led by the entrepreneur Hector Castillo, which offers a communication tool for teams and it focuses primarily on productivity and information privacy. It allows you to send up to 10,000 messages and store up to 5GB completely free and, if you like the service, you can continue using it by paying only €4 monthly per user. After studying and facing the problem of carbon-copied email messages in corporations -among other issues-, they felt compelled to create a solution that offers segmented communication channels in real time, which allows people to work in a collaborative way and the information to be organized in a logical manner; file sharing instead of transferring them, unlimited storage space and costs half as Dropbox. Additionally you can connect all the services you use on a daily basis on a single platform, avoiding the usual distractions that we all suffer when opening and closing dozens of windows.


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