7 of the Communication Tools to Download Now for Increased Productivity

There is an app, it seems, for everything. From your watch to your cell phone to your tablet, you can control the temperature in your home, pay your babysitter, make reservations, and purchase office supplies online. However, the tools that promised to make life easier have in many ways made life busier and more complicated.

With so many communication devices and methods available, it seems companies are still struggling with the best methods of sharing information among employees. How can a business navigate the world of apps to help improve communication within an organization? Here are seven of the best communication apps that business of all sizes can use.


addappt logoThere are few things more aggravating than trying to contact associates, only to discover that the contact information you have for them is outdated. Their number has changed, their email address is different, and they’ve updated their social media profile name. Now, instead of sending them the message you intended, you are scouring through your notes in an effort to find out how to reach them.

With Addappt, that will never happen again. Addappt allows your friends and associates to update their contact information in your address book with a simple tap. Free for both iPhone and Android, this app makes sure that your contacts are always up-to-date.


pushover logoFor the individual with more than one device, this app is a sanity saver. Easily organize messages from all devices into one user-friendly mailbox accessible via smart phone. Additionally, users can opt to receive push notifications of message deliveries on both iPhone and Android devices. Pushover is free for the initial seven days, and then may be purchased for $4.99. Users can send 7,500 messages per month, which should handle most small business needs.


fuze logoRelatively new to the communication services arena, Fuze offers videoconferencing for iPad and tablet users. In conjunction with its online conferencing tools, it features high-definition video and clear audio. Content sharing, chat tools and conference rooms make keeping in touch with team members scattered around the globe easier, no matter where they may be at the time. A 30-day free trial will allow companies to see how Fuze can improve communication without any commitment.


skype logoThe undisputed giant of video conferencing, Skype offers a mobile app that allows users to connect via video call from anywhere in the world. Photo sharing, desktop viewing and texting within the app make communication effective and easy on all devices and operating systems. Free for the basic version, it provides a budget-friendly option for dialogue within a company.


kanbanflow logo

Manage tasks and your time easily from your mobile device with the web-based app KanbanFlow. Visual work boards allow managers to assign, monitor and track progress within the app. Users can easily move tasks between columns — Do Today, In Progress, and Completed — to follow the progress of projects.

In addition, collaboration can be managed easily with the app’s real-time features. KanbanFlow utilizes the Pomodoro timer to track time management to keep users on track with their time management and maintain their focus until completion.


bitrix logoA complete, one-stop app for communication, users report that there is “nothing” they wished Bitrix24 did that it doesn’t already handle. A complete social media management, collaboration and communication system for your team, Bitrix24 can handle every communication need users may have. Task management, a social intranet, document sharing, conversations and more can all be handled easily from the main interface.


basecamp logoMilestones, deadlines, documents, communications, and responsibilities can all be handled through the Basecamp app. Available for iOS and Android, it provides users with a unique set of tools designed to keep projects moving. Employees can work with groups and invite clients to see limited pieces of information, all from within the confines of the mobile app. Customized reporting features and usage reports are among the management features that can help keep tabs on what’s going on at work — even from far away.

Maintaining communication can be difficult, even in today’s non-stop technology world. To get the most out of the newest technology features, take advantage of these business-friendly apps that provide instant communication and productivity tools.

Not every tool works for every business, and the constantly changing app list makes it difficult to know which ones are best. Don’t be afraid to try (and get rid of) apps that don’t suit your business’ needs. Chances are good, however, that by upgrading your communication tools, the level and quality of communication within the company will upgrade as well. What tools can you implement to improve communication?