7 Reasons VoIP Is Best for Business

The first phone line for many companies is simply the founder’s cell phone. However, as the number of customers, vendors, and employees begins to multiply, companies must transition to a more “official” phone system. Many start-ups opt for a traditional phone system without realizing that there are better options available. Selecting a Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone system, for example, can be one of the best decisions a business can make, particularly in its earliest stages of growth. Luckily, there is a wide variety of VoIP providers available, thus ensuring that every business can find a provider to meet its communication needs.

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What makes VoIP a better choice for phone systems?

1. Low Start-Up Costs

Particularly when capital funding is limited, it can be cost-prohibitive to invest in a full-scale, professional phone system. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on phone equipment or building a communications framework that you may quickly outgrow, it makes more sense to purchase a VoIP phone system that has limited start-up costs and low rates. Simply select the plan that meets your company’s needs, and your phone is in business.

2. Budget-Friendly Plans

In addition to the low start-up costs, a VoIP phone system lets you upgrade (or downgrade) plans as your business’ call volume changes. This ability to change plans monthly can be crucial to a business during the early days of operation. Moreover, you can add or subtract features, or reduce plan sizes quickly and easily without sacrificing phone service quality or availability.

3. Variety of Features

Today’s VoIP systems offer many of the same features provided by traditional professional phone systems, along with options that are not possible with hardwired phones, including video capabilities, text options, and mobile management functions. Features such as auto-attendant, call forwarding, call waiting, and voice mail are typically standard in VoIP plans. For customized options, business can choose from items such as on-hold music, message notification, and more.

4. Appearance

One of the biggest fears that new businesses often have is appearing too small to handle a client’s needs. With VoIP technology, though, even the smallest business can appear larger. VoIP’s many features give small businesses the same tools that larger companies have, thereby making it impossible to know how big (or small) a company really is. Call transfers, attendant services, and mobile options let companies present a polished, professional appearance, even from a company’s earliest days.

5. Scalability

As your company grows, your VoIP plan can grow right along with it. Cloud-based phone plans are manageable 24/7, thus giving you instant control over the size and scale of your phone plan. Adding users, increasing call volume, and upgrading features can all be handled easily, without having to purchase additional equipment or make any additional investments. The cloud-based interface also eliminates the need for service technicians or salespeople.

6. Global Office

Mobile options enable one number to reach dozens of employees on mobile devices around the globe. Instead of adding new phone systems every time a new office is opened, VoIP users can simply add another user to their existing plan. With local and toll-free phone numbers available, calls can be routed to reach employees wherever they may be located, thus giving callers the impression of a small office.

7. Centralized Information

Managing and monitoring communication is crucial for small business owners. VoIP technology makes it easy to understand usage statistics, employee call monitoring, and more through the user interface. Call handling, auto-attendant parameters, e-mails and texts alerts, and customized messaging is all controlled through the VoIP interface, thus giving business owners one-stop control over how their phone system works.

There are many decisions and expenses involved in starting a business. Choosing a phone system doesn’t have to be one of them. No matter what stage of growth your company is in, you should consider making the switch to VoIP. This simple decision can quickly take your business from “start-up” to “established” and give you the edge you need to succeed.